Who are we?

PCMHPlusFacts.org is hosted and operated by the CT Health Policy Project. We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization in Connecticut. Our mission is to expand access to high quality, affordable healthcare for every state resident. We are funded only by the generosity of caring individuals.

Why did we create PCMHPlusFacts.org?

PCMHPlusFacts is a campaign to give HUSKY (Medicaid) members balanced information about PCMH Plus, an experimental new payment model expanding across the program. Advocates have had grave concerns about the impact of PCMH Plus to reverse hard-won progress in the Medicaid program -- increasing access to care, improving quality, and lowering the per person costs of care. Our current system, which focuses on care coordination, is saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year over the old payment model that was similar to PCMH Plus. Connecticut’s Medicaid program has saved more than any other state, including those with PCMH Plus-type payment models.

PCMH Plus has risks for HUSKY consumers along with possible benefits, but HUSKY members aren’t aware of them or that they have the right to opt-out of the new payment model. The state sent a notice last year to the first 137,037 consumers enrolled in the program, but an earlier consensus notice, developed in a transparent process with all stakeholders involved, was significantly weakened at the last minute under political pressure from large health systems that stand to profit from PCMH Plus. HUSKY members were confused by the adulterated notice and very few understand anything about the program, including why their access to care might be comprised under it. Read more on why we did this

To learn more about PCMHPlus and Connecticut Medicaid, contact andrews@cthealthpolicy.org.